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The KGS Commission is committed to sorghum promotion, research, and information designed to strengthen, expand and develop new foreign and domestic markets for sorghum. 


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The KGS Producers Association gives growers a voice in legislative, regulatory and industry affairs through efforts funded through membership dues.


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Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission announces priorities and a call for proposals

Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission Call for Proposals Priorities Weed Control Research focusing on the identification of new genetic sources for resistance to available grass control herbicides. Management research addressing herbicide treatment and farm based weed control. Yield Genetic and breeding research targeted towards increased yields in both high yielding and limited resource environments. Research focusing…Read More

KANSAS GRAIN SORGHUM hires staff and elects new board members

KANSAS GRAIN SORGHUM hires staff and elects new board members

KANSAS GRAIN SORGHUM hires staff and elects new board members Kansas Grain Sorghum recently hired Pat Damman as the new Director.  Damman will work to represent the Kansas sorghum industry on the state and national levels. He will be establishing, developing and maintaining strategic producer, first handler, and end-user relationships in Kansas.  This includes, providing…Read More

Kansas Commodity Classic to be held on February 6 in Manhattan

All Kansas farmers are invited to the Kansas Commodity Classic on Friday, February 6, 2015. The Commodity Classic is the annual convention of the Kansas Corn, Wheat and Grain Sorghum Associations, and will take place at the at the Hilton Garden Inn, 410 S 3rd St, Manhattan, Kan., with registration beginning at 7:30 a.m. It is…Read More

K-State Sorghum Production Schools Scheduled for February

K-State Sorghum Production Schools Scheduled for February

MANHATTAN, Kan. – A series of four K-State Sorghum Production Schools will be offered in mid-February 2015 to provide in-depth training for sorghum producers. The schools will be sponsored by Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission. The one-day schools will cover issues facing sorghum producers: weed control strategies, crop practices, soil fertility and nutrient management, insect control, irrigation, and risk…Read More