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The KGS Commission is committed to sorghum promotion, research, and information designed to strengthen, expand and develop new foreign and domestic markets for sorghum. 


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The KGS Producers Association gives growers a voice in legislative, regulatory and industry affairs through efforts funded through membership dues.


Top Stories

Sorghum Field Day in Manhattan on October 9, 2015

The Kansas State University Department of Agronomy will be hosting the 2015 field day at the KSU Agronomy Farm on the north side of Manhattan October 9, 2015. The theme for the field day is “Research and New Technologies for Sorghum Production.” The day will include field tours; presentations; and demonstrations on sorghum genetics and… Read More

Sorghum Recipe Showdown

Sorghum Checkoff recently launched the first ever Sorghum Recipe Showdown. The contest will take place July 1-31, 2015. Participants are required to use one of the following ingredients including whole or pearled grain sorghum, sorghum syrup, sorghum flour, popped sorghum, flaked sorghum or sorghum bran. People interested in entering the contest can go to SorghumShowdown.com… Read More

Section 18 Emergency Exemption Granted for Transform® WG to control sugarcane aphids in Kansas

Manhattan, Kansas – The Kansas Department of Agriculture has received notification of approval for a Section 18 exemption for Transform®WG Insecticide, EPA Reg. No. 62719-625. This exemption will expire Nov. 30, 2015. The exemption was sought by Kansas sorghum farmers in cooperation with KDA to combat the invasive sugarcane aphid which was discovered in Sumner… Read More


The United Sorghum Checkoff Program Board will have four positions become vacant in December 2015, with two of those positions available to Kansas sorghum growers.  There is one at large position available to producers from any state and one Texas seat.  As organizations in Kansas certified to nominate producers to serve on the Board, the… Read More