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Interest in grain sorghum is growing in Kansas! Prized for its versatility and drought tolerance, growers and others are giving grain sorghum a second look. Markets for sorghum are promising as well. While Kansas ethanol producers have long valued sorghum as a feedstock, efforts are underway to make it even more attractive. This means more demand for grain sorghum both in Kansas and in other states. Food grade uses for sorghum are also growing in Kansas. Nu-Life Market, a gluten-free, food grade sorghum mill built to FDA standards, growing fast in Scott City and is a national leader in providing gluten free food grade sorghum and other products to consumers and companies across the nation.

Kansas is the nation’s sorghum leader, normally producing between 40 and 50 percent of the U.S. sorghum crop. The Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association is a grassroots organization that represents Kansas sorghum farmers on the state and national level. KGSPA is the only organization with a registered lobbyist representing sorghum growers in the Kansas Legislature.

KGSPA continues to play a key role in advocating and protecting crop protection choices for Kansas sorghum farmers. KGSPA is one of the founding leaders of the Triazine Network, a national coalition of agriculture groups who continue to work to keep the atrazine and other triazine herbicides available to growers. KGSPA has worked since the mid-1990s to ensure that regulatory decisions regarding atrazine made by EPA are based on sound scientific evidence. Agriculture representatives on the Triazine Network were groundbreakers in involving growers in the regulatory process at EPA and continue to actively represent growers in these issues. Access to atrazine is especially important to sorghum growers who have limited crop protection choices. KGSPA continues to work to support more crop protection choices for our growers.


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