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The KGS Commission is committed to sorghum promotion, research, and information designed to strengthen, expand and develop new foreign and domestic markets for sorghum.


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The KGS Producers Association gives growers a voice in legislative, regulatory and industry affairs through efforts funded through membership dues.


Top Stories

NSP: Sorghum Crop Art Calls on Policymakers to #SupportEthanol 

NSP: Sorghum Crop Art Calls on Policymakers to #SupportEthanol 

LIBERAL, KS (October 15, 2020) — National Sorghum Producers (NSP) today shared a high-altitude view of a top policy priority with newly released aerial photos of a farm plot in Kansas emblazoned with “#SupportEthanol” spelled out in giant letters of sorghum. Rocky Ormiston, a farmer from Kismet, planted the message using the latest in precision… Read More

Kansas State Fair Virtual Agriland Exhibit Now Live

Kansas State Fair Virtual Agriland Exhibit Now Live

Over 30 years ago, several ag organizations came together to provide education about Kansas agriculture to attendees of the Kansas State Fair through interactive, hands-on activities. Even though the 2020 Kansas State Fair has been cancelled, Kansas Agriland strives to continue to fulfill its missions – to educate any school age students and their parents… Read More

Kansas Grain Sorghum Boards Meet, FY’21 Budget Approval Upcoming

MANHATTAN, Kan. — The Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission (KGSC) and the Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association (KGSPA) met jointly on July 22 and 23, 2020, to focus on new and old business pertaining to both entities. Directors and attendees participated through a mix of in-person gathering and online conferencing and discussed market dynamics, sorghum promotional… Read More