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Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association (KGSPA) Industry Partner Program  

Consider joining our Kansas Industry Partner Program. When we work together to promote the Kansas Grain Sorghum industry, it helps strengthen opportunities and decrease obstacles for farmers and the industry.

Annual Support level 

Contributor ($500+)

Partner ($1,000+)

Bronze ($2,500+)

Silver ($5,000+)

Gold ($10,000+)

At Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association, we believe in the sorghum industry, and we believe in team work. Our mission and vision indicates our commitment to leading the charge in this industry through advocacy, relationships and leadership. For an industry to realize its full potential, it takes everyone working together.

Financial support from the Industry Partner Program allows KGSPA to be the best at representing the Kansas sorghum industry and our own Kansas farmers. KGSPA looks forward to partnering with your company to help the industry maintain full momentum.


If you are looking to connect with sorghum producers, KGSPA offers numerous opportunities to reach out and help put your company into the minds of growers. In order to work with many different segments of the Kansas agricultural industry, we provide a variety of opportunities and commitment levels to partner with the Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association on an annual basis.


Legislative Advocacy

KGSPA maintains a strong presence in Topeka lobbying for sorghum and the industry. Staff can coordinate visits and present topical information relevant to business interests from the legislature and administration.

Speak Up For The Industry

Versed in sorghum, our team can help your company passionately articulate and defend sorghum. Our relationships with media and various communities and organizations puts us squarely in the debate.

Commodity Classic

Kansas participates in two major farm events a year: Commodity Classic at a destination venue and Kansas Commodity Classic in Manhattan. Each provides opportunities to engage our membership and learn and network thoroughly.

DC Fly In

KGSPA and NSP have strong ties in Washington, D.C. We have helped advocate for sorghum for many years and have helped elect representatives knowledgeable of our industry. Opportunities exist throughout the year for strong industry partners to connect with officials in our nation’s capital both or while they visit their home districts. Often, staff help coordinate farm visits and shape policy agendas while in the field.

Kansas Sorghum Leader

KGSPA recently launched a membership publication, the Kansas Sorghum Leader. Help support the organization and provide key content and branding throughout the largest sorghum grower base in the United States.

Mailing List

As an affiliate of NSP, Kansas has access to a key database. We can work with your company to provide selected mailings to our membership.

Social Media

KGSPA maintains a strong and engaged following through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.