Authentic Ag Sorghum Update for October 23, 2020

Authentic Ag Sorghum Update for October 23, 2020

VIDEO – This year’s sorghum harvest in Kansas is rolling along and right on time. USDA reports on average progress throughout the state as dry conditions for production endured for much of this year’s growing season. However, grain sorghum is a water sipping crop suitable for the semi-arid climate of Kansas. Additionally, recent weather events in the region highlight the importance of sustainability methods to mitigate negative environmental events. Sorghum farmers are doing their part as a majority of US sorghum growers already use sustainable no-till practices, allowing stocks to be left standing, retaining moisture, and reducing effects of wind erosion.

Sorghum is an environmentally sustainable crop and currently commands a historic market premium due to strong international demand. Mexico, for example, remains an important market for sorghum, and we continue to host foreign buyers to learn about the product directly from farmers. Working with our partners, the US Grains Council and the Sorghum Checkoff Program, events like the Virtual Grain Exchange are keeping the conversation moving forward.

Farmers’ investments in market development and promotion continue to drive interests within international markets and enhance the Checkoff’s mission of increasing profitability for your crops. As a Kansas grain sorghum commissioner, you can spearhead that mission by directing resources within our state. The Commission is currently seeking a new slate of candidates in the western tier of Kansas. For farmers in Kansas to vote for their commodity commissioners, they must first register through the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Deadlines for this election process are listed on our calendar.