From Soil to The Skies: Airline, Commodity Groups Push for Recognition of Producers’ Role in Sustainable Aviation Fuel

A key effort to highlight the American farmer’s role in the production of sustainable aviation fuels has taken flight. Many airline and agricultural organizations, including Kansas Sorghum Producers, American Airlines and the Renewable Fuels Association, signed onto a letter to the U.S. House and Senate Agriculture Committee Chairs and Ranking Members urging for recognition of the vital role farmers play in renewable fuel production through S. 3637, the bipartisan Farm to Fly Act of 2024 sponsored by Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas.

With the Farm Bill under consideration, the Farm to Fly Act arrives at an opportune moment to boost both the U.S. aviation and agricultural industries. As aviation companies seeks to increase sustainable aviation fuel production by up to 3 billion gallons by the year 2030, the agriculture sector can continue to help cut emissions and promote climate-smart initiatives for transportation and industry sectors. The letter states:

Specifically, the Farm to Fly Act (HR 6271 and S. 3637) is bipartisan, bicameral legislation that would provide a critical pathway supporting U.S. farm production for SAF, as well as facilitate and foster the role of American agriculture in fueling aviation. In particular, the legislation would:

  • Affirm eligibility for SAF within current USDA Bio-Energy Programs, expanding markets for American agricultural crops through aviation bioenergy;
  • Facilitate greater collaboration on SAF among USDA mission areas and with private sector partners; and
  • Affirm a common “GREET” definition of SAF for USDA purposes to ensure accurate measurements of emissions reductions from climate-smart farming practices and lifecycle emissions from SAF”.