Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission Determines 2023 Fiscal Budget

COLWICH, KS—The Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission (KGSC) will invest approximately $1,370,384 into programs of sorghum promotion, research market development and education during fiscal 2023, subject to USDA approval.

In action at the KGSC funding budget board meeting on Sept. 1 in Great Bend, Kansas, the staff and research committee delivered proposed projects and the full board engaged in strategic investment decisions. 

National Sorghum Producers CEO Tim Lust shared perspectives and potential joint approaches as sorghum on the state and national levels enjoy a strong budget but prepares for challenges in the future. With sorghum acres being affected by drought this season, the proposed budget reflects support needed for added resources.

K-State and the Center for Sorghum Improvement remain cornerstones of investment.

“I know I speak for the group when I say we take our roles in the process seriously,” said KGSC Board Chair Kevin Kniebel. “We examine all of the requests very carefully to determine which proposed initiatives and activities will provide the greatest return on producer dollars.”

In the end, the KGSC approved the following selected key projects, though this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Center for Sorghum Improvement: $200,000
  • Rapid advancement of sorghum traits with genomics-assisted breeding: $110,000
  • Sorghum improvement for enhanced productivity, nutritional attributes and resilience: $100,000
  • Developing value-added food ingredients from waxy sorghum: $90,500
  • Match fund for selected federal grants and joint projects: $300,000
  • Application of biotechnology technology for the management of Palmer amaranth in grain sorghum: $90,000

Broken out by budget component, the budget includes:

  • $42,000 for promotion programs
  • $1,021,500 for research programs and Center for Sorghum Improvement
  • $52,200 for education
  • $84,685 for marketing including support of the U.S. Grains Council
  • $169,999 for program development, intern program, communications resources, oversight, supporting services and administration. 


The Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission drives value for producers by positioning sorghum as a sustainable, reliable, and profitable crop through responsible investment.