National Sorghum Producers Crowns Yield Contest Champions

Last week, National Sorghum Producers (NSP) announced the winners of the 2023 National Sorghum Yield Contest.

Award areas for the contest include the following divisions, divided by the East and West regions: Irrigated, Dryland No-Till, and Dryland Tillage. A division dedicated to a food grade yield winner is awarded across both divisions. The winners of the 2023 contest are:

Irrigated West: Bibb and Nighswonger Partnership, Comanche, KS: 218.64 bu/acre (Dekalb DKS44-07)

Irrigated East: Howard DeShong, Lancaster, PA: 168.34 bu/acre (Pioneer 84G62)

Dryland Tillage West: David Knoll, Charles Mix, SD: 183.32 bu/acre (Pioneer 89Y79)

Dryland Tillage East: Santino Santini, Warren, NJ: 221.06 bu/acre (Pioneer 85P58)

Dryland No-Till West: Mark Bloss, Pawnee, NE: 181.00 bu/acre (Pioneer 84P72)

Dryland No-Till East: Chris Santini, Stewartsville, NJ: 221.75 bu/acre (Pioneer 85P58)

Food Grade: JnL Farms, Appanoose, IA: 139.56 bu/acre (Richardson G37)

The coveted Bin Buster award is granted to the highest yield winner of the entire contest, which goes to Chris Santini in the Dryland No-Till East division.

Winners who have been crowned national yield champions at least three times are entered into the Hall of Fame. This year’s honorees are:

Jeffrey Barlieb of Warren County, NJ
David Knoll of Hyde County, SD
Chris Santini of Warren County, NJ
Santino Santini of Warren County, NJ

National and state winners will be further recognized during National Commodity Classic, which will be held in Houston, TX, Feb. 28 – March 2, 2024.

NSP Chairman Craig Meeker of Wellington, KS, remarked how this contest truly showed the resilience of sorghum producers across the country. “While drought significantly impacted numerous growers this season, we take immense pride in the overall achievements of the industry and commend these growers for their exceptional yield accomplishments.”


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